To Feel with a Seeing Hand

The sense of touch… even though human beings’ most dominant sense is vision thanks to which we gather around 80% of the information, the sense of touch has deeper engagement with the world around us and most of us will say they would rather believe if they can touch and not only see something.

When exploring the craftsmanship our sense of touch is linked to ‘magical properties’ in the Middle Ages; Christians believe that obsession with material gets the person closer to timeless inner life; the craftsman is also a symbol for enlightenment as he is learning by doing and showing rather than telling. The skills developed in the process of making are difficult for explicit explanation. The unspoken knowledge, also called tacit knowledge, lies on the border line between everyday conscious little movements and routines and unconscious guidance how material should be treated.

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The Turn – from Documentary to Something Else

Today I had another tutorial concerning my final project progress. I would like to share what I have been doing during the study leave, what I’ve learned and tried. I have developed new knowledge and abilities in video editing process which on the other hand gave me new ideas for filming, made me think more about framing and composition. Anyway, big part of this idea is making a 360 film so I had the camera from the media loan shop, a shoot some footage and tried to edit it. The basic things are not quite complex – stitching the video, move the original point of view; I even managed to hide the tripod and tried to add some text which appeared okay when seen in 360. However, I had some problems with my computer power when I tried to incorporate 2D standard footage inside the 360 because I had the idea to show the environment, let’s say the workshop room, in 360 and then have a smaller window to appear with interview, or the craftsman speaking.

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