Candle Melting / Video

The video which is going to play inside the chest of the sculpture is now ready. The idea behind including a video was born after considering the safety options of having an open fire (candle) during an actual event. Thanks to the video the process of melting – which represent the process of creating – is captured and processed to show fragments to the visitors. It is short and it is going to be put on loop during the showcase.

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Fragments and Ellipsis: The Creator. The Process. The Meaning.

The idea behind the booklet is to have something written which will give insights about the process of making of the sculpture (and not only the sculpture). I cannot imagine that booklet structured as academic piece of work like short dissertation or something, neither as personal journal of my daily/weekly tasks and accomplishments.

I’d rather imagined it like fragments, highlights which follow one after another, revealing my engagement more like the layers of a cabbage and not like linear story narrative. When I am writing usually I am trying to put my thought into complete sentences, but the truth is that most of the time I would just write a few words and dot, dot, dot.

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Sharing and Discussing the Sculpting Progress

During a tutorial today I shared the updated vision of the sculpture and discussed why I would like to make it this way.  The solid look I did not like it because it looked too concrete and not so human I guess; the idea to use wire developed in the process of making while I was building the armature and that gave me insight of how it is going to look.

I thought it won’t be able to communicate the idea of the dissolving body, the passing life, the mortality of the human being and on the other side what is left behind him – the things we are creating during our life represent us and serve as mark so other can remember us.

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The Thing as a Being

Here we go! Following from the first sketches and confirming the idea so far during the tutorial few days ago I am finally starting it. Ugh, that is so exciting! And I am glad to be excited as I am aware it is going to have downward moments.

My first steps were to build an armature which I am going to use under the clay – this way I will use less material and the final piece will be lighter. Another good point of building an armature is that it will give me an idea how it is going to look like in the three dimensional space rather than just sketching it on paper.

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A Time to Create

I am really looking forward to start building my sculpture and working on my handmade booklets; it has been through idea development, topic research, shifting and reshaping, more research, reading and learning, tryouts… and now we are just few months away from the finish line. It is scary, I am not going to lie that I have been hiding behind books because it just seems to be such a big project that I am not sure how to deal with the down sides of it.

Fortunately, the experience I had creating the decoration for the film festival made me consider the importance of action after long planning, drafts, ideas going on and off, there is nothing as important as real dive into the making process. And even when things are not coming out the way I was imagining, it is up to me to refine, change and alter – and this is part of the learning process.

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The Affective Response in the Process of Making

A recommended reading on ‘Affective methodologies’ by Britta Timm Knudsen and Carsten Stage brought some though material about the affect in contemporary cultural researches and possible new ‘forms of knowing as embodiment’. The attempt to define the challenges the authors start from a statement by Lisa Blackman saying that in contemporary cultural theory, ‘The solidity of the subject has dissolved into a concern with those processes, practices, sensations and affects that move through bodies in ways that are difficult to see understand and investigate.’

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Crafting as Freedom to Fail and Way to Success

There is a lot going on in my mind after shifting from documentary film to handmade physical artefact exhibition. I spend a lot of time thinking about the risk and the failure. Even writing a dissertation sounds quite good opportunity – there are tons of books guiding the student throughout the whole process; there are tips, ‘do’s and ‘don’t’s and everything seems to be clear when it comes to a good piece of work. While now I am struggling that I have to make something and build the whole process by myself. That is why recently I have been reading and listening to people talking about the connection between creativity, risk and success.

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