Fragments and Ellipsis: The Creator. The Process. The Meaning.

The idea behind the booklet is to have something written which will give insights about the process of making of the sculpture (and not only the sculpture). I cannot imagine that booklet structured as academic piece of work like short dissertation or something, neither as personal journal of my daily/weekly tasks and accomplishments.

I’d rather imagined it like fragments, highlights which follow one after another, revealing my engagement more like the layers of a cabbage and not like linear story narrative. When I am writing usually I am trying to put my thought into complete sentences, but the truth is that most of the time I would just write a few words and dot, dot, dot.

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Between the Insecurity and the Opportunity

Although I have never written a dissertation I imagine it is different in many ways in comparison to the project I have been working on. I imagine that one who writes a dissertation is aiming to deliver the whole meaning and purpose of it ready for consumption by the one reading it.

But are the words most concrete form of communication? I doubt that the intention we put when saying something is the very same thing that is perceived on the other side; even if one is explaining with examples, generalisations and data there still are subjective factors which are going to influence the understanding in the process of making sense of one’s work.

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