The Fruits of All the Effort and Hard Work

Reviewing the finalising steps after the last tutorial has brought me to the moment now when I can share the complete look of each piece of my project. To begin with the booklet – once the design was approved the sheets were printed and I started to build them into books: resizing, cutting, folding each sheet and gluing them to one another. I also resized the encaustic cards I had already have and reshaped a hand painted silk scarf into several small samples. The next thing was to make the glass painting and the wood burned piece of art which took longer than expected. To complete the booklet I made a cover which was like a box and add small magnet to keep the close.

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Booklet Creation: Design, Content, Crafts

The handmade booklet is finally ready. I have been working on it for the past week figuring our the content, the design, and the crafts I would like to have in it.

Firstly, I changed the page assembling – instead of the casual page turning I decided to make it zig-zag folded so there are pages turning on the left side and on the right side as well. I also changed the first idea of horizontal to portrait orientation. The content is made of fragments which I chose reviewing my notes, highlight and audio files so it reflects the process of making and has some of the important, personally for me, points of it.

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Fragments and Ellipsis: The Creator. The Process. The Meaning.

The idea behind the booklet is to have something written which will give insights about the process of making of the sculpture (and not only the sculpture). I cannot imagine that booklet structured as academic piece of work like short dissertation or something, neither as personal journal of my daily/weekly tasks and accomplishments.

I’d rather imagined it like fragments, highlights which follow one after another, revealing my engagement more like the layers of a cabbage and not like linear story narrative. When I am writing usually I am trying to put my thought into complete sentences, but the truth is that most of the time I would just write a few words and dot, dot, dot.

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Looking for Answers at Subconscious Level when Stuck

The sculpture now is balanced and more I look at it more I think it expects me to figure out what should it hold in its hands. I was after something more generic so everyone would be able to recognise it and link it to the process of making; at the same time, I don’t want to make something too literal and I am not really convinced that it can be something which is going to be recognisable for everyone.

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Ideas Revising and Setting Realistic Goals

Now when we have finished with our modules, the film festival is over as well as the postdigital exhibition during our media showcase, it is time to sit down and rethink everything about the project so far.

On another meeting with my academic tutor we discussed some of the issues I had in mind. There were some worries about the output of my project mainly around its public distribution. The initial idea was to create the sculpture, make the booklets and present it on a collaborative event, like a workshop, where people will be able not only to explore my work but also to create something by themselves.

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