Showcase Event Preparation

Now when the sculpture are ready and the booklets are created and the video is made it is time to make my final piece of work publicly engaged. I am preparing for an event to which very few are going to be invited and that is because the handmade nature of my project – I would like every visitor to have something with them when the event it over and the handmade booklets are limited numbers.

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Ideas Revising and Setting Realistic Goals

Now when we have finished with our modules, the film festival is over as well as the postdigital exhibition during our media showcase, it is time to sit down and rethink everything about the project so far.

On another meeting with my academic tutor we discussed some of the issues I had in mind. There were some worries about the output of my project mainly around its public distribution. The initial idea was to create the sculpture, make the booklets and present it on a collaborative event, like a workshop, where people will be able not only to explore my work but also to create something by themselves.

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