The Ethics of Documentary Filmmaking

Reality shows – this is not a documentary. Cinéma vérité – ‘film truth’, also known as ‘Direct Cinema’? When you film someone and make them act in certain way, do certain things – it is fake, it is not real in construction. The way we film ‘reality’, the way we film it again and again, edit it and put it together – it is not real.

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Study Leave – Documentary/ Part 1

I am planning to use the study leave for deeper research of the technology around 360 filming and documentary storytelling. To do that I’ve put in my schedule few courses on and also booked a camera from the Media Loan shop to try film and edit 360 video.

The first course I enrol is called ‘Introduction to documentary video storytelling’ and below are the guiding points which I found useful for my research.

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Research Practice Project – Topic Brainstorming

The Story


Inspiring, Motivating, Constructive

Problem-Solving orientation

About person, group of people or organization

Showing some kind of contribution

Something which can have impact on the society

The script – interesting way to show considering the technology

Different ways to gain attention – sound effects

What I love to do?

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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