The Thing as a Being

Here we go! Following from the first sketches and confirming the idea so far during the tutorial few days ago I am finally starting it. Ugh, that is so exciting! And I am glad to be excited as I am aware it is going to have downward moments.

My first steps were to build an armature which I am going to use under the clay – this way I will use less material and the final piece will be lighter. Another good point of building an armature is that it will give me an idea how it is going to look like in the three dimensional space rather than just sketching it on paper.

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Ideas Revising and Setting Realistic Goals

Now when we have finished with our modules, the film festival is over as well as the postdigital exhibition during our media showcase, it is time to sit down and rethink everything about the project so far.

On another meeting with my academic tutor we discussed some of the issues I had in mind. There were some worries about the output of my project mainly around its public distribution. The initial idea was to create the sculpture, make the booklets and present it on a collaborative event, like a workshop, where people will be able not only to explore my work but also to create something by themselves.

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A Time to Create

I am really looking forward to start building my sculpture and working on my handmade booklets; it has been through idea development, topic research, shifting and reshaping, more research, reading and learning, tryouts… and now we are just few months away from the finish line. It is scary, I am not going to lie that I have been hiding behind books because it just seems to be such a big project that I am not sure how to deal with the down sides of it.

Fortunately, the experience I had creating the decoration for the film festival made me consider the importance of action after long planning, drafts, ideas going on and off, there is nothing as important as real dive into the making process. And even when things are not coming out the way I was imagining, it is up to me to refine, change and alter – and this is part of the learning process.

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