Crafts as Replacement for the Lack

In the beginning the initial idea of my project was to create a 360 documentary which shows the process of making and people talking about their crafts and why they are doing what they are doing. Because craftsmanship is broad word which include various areas of hand work I needed to narrow it down so it includes only four or five people for example but still cover the essential and important parts.

That is how the idea of ‘alchemy tale’ came to live – my decision was to base the story line on the elements fire, water, air and earth which were going to be represented by techniques or materials each element is involved in the process of creation. At that time, I was interpreting it on very superficial way – fire is involved in wood burning art called pyrography; water is involved in water colouring and especially in the art of marbling – ebru; air is used in the ancient beautiful art technique of glass blowing; and earth is mostly included in modelling and sculpting with clay (and other earth materials).

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Between the Insecurity and the Opportunity

Although I have never written a dissertation I imagine it is different in many ways in comparison to the project I have been working on. I imagine that one who writes a dissertation is aiming to deliver the whole meaning and purpose of it ready for consumption by the one reading it.

But are the words most concrete form of communication? I doubt that the intention we put when saying something is the very same thing that is perceived on the other side; even if one is explaining with examples, generalisations and data there still are subjective factors which are going to influence the understanding in the process of making sense of one’s work.

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‘When the Head and the Hand are Separate’

Not long ago I visited friends of mine and while discussing what we can do in the middle of their living room was suggested to draw something together. Intrigue suggestion for spending the afternoon, one I should appreciate as someone who use to draw and still sketches from time to time. What surprised me however, was the surface – a laptop. I have already said that my handmade work is nothing like I am a technology rebel; nor I am blind for the progress in the digital art. But drawing on a screen was so not natural as experience. According to Sennet, ‘the craftsman became an emblem of human individuality… Culturally we are still struggling to understand our limits positively, in comparison to the mechanical; socially we are still struggling with anti-technologism.’

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‘Homo Faber’ or Man as Maker

It is already April and it brings a lot of travelling along – the first week is dedicated to our international media experience in Paris followed by our study leave which I am going to spend back home. I have already planned many things to try and make for the upcoming film festival. What is great about it is that my creative involvement is an experience I can reflect to and consider different possibilities and problems which might occur for my final project. Meanwhile, as good travel company I’ve got The Craftsman by Richard Sennet, a book which aims to explore ‘basic human impulse: the desire to do a job well for its own sake.’

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Sculpture Ideas

Sometimes it is truth to be said that ideas come out of nothing, although most of the time we are consciously trying to come up with one. In my case it was some kind of combination between these two – I had good thought about what I would like to create in general; however, the detailed picture had strike me one evening. That is another aspect I found quite peculiar – that all creative thinking happens late, in the small hours of the day; it is a cliché and for me does not make sense because the mind gets tired during the day dealing with different people and situations, the last thing to think about before going to bed is creative ideas. So, below are few bullet points of the sculpture idea so far.

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Is the Crafter an Artist?

There is an old discussion about the chicken and the egg which personally I find less complex than another as much old dispute about the art and craft. In the attempt to differentiate these two interconnected and overlapping areas some dedicated their lives. And it still feels like there is no right answer. I was thrilled to find Gombrich’s concept stating that ‘there is no such thing as Art. There are only artists’. In his most famous work ‘The story of Art’ he suggests that the modern notion of Art, with a capital A, has no existence and it is just a word which might refer to different things and practices in different times and places. He believes in people, not historical periods or styles. And even though, according Gombrich, one cannot simply tell an artist that their painting is good in its own way, but it is not ‘Art’, we are still using ‘piece of art’ to separate one object of another.

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The Process of Making: Yes, it Matters

‘There are people who say they would like to see the last of craftsmanship because, as they conceive of it, it is essentially backward-looking and opposed to the new technology which the world must now depend on. For these people craftsmanship is at best an affair of hobbies in garden sheds; just as for them art is an affair of things in galleries. There are many people who see craftsmanship as the source of a valuable ingredient of civilisation. There are also people who tend to believe that craftsmanship has a deep spiritual value of a somewhat mystical kind.’ David Pye, The Nature and Art of Workmanship

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Crafting as Freedom to Fail and Way to Success

There is a lot going on in my mind after shifting from documentary film to handmade physical artefact exhibition. I spend a lot of time thinking about the risk and the failure. Even writing a dissertation sounds quite good opportunity – there are tons of books guiding the student throughout the whole process; there are tips, ‘do’s and ‘don’t’s and everything seems to be clear when it comes to a good piece of work. While now I am struggling that I have to make something and build the whole process by myself. That is why recently I have been reading and listening to people talking about the connection between creativity, risk and success.

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Research Practice Project – Topic Brainstorming

The Story


Inspiring, Motivating, Constructive

Problem-Solving orientation

About person, group of people or organization

Showing some kind of contribution

Something which can have impact on the society

The script – interesting way to show considering the technology

Different ways to gain attention – sound effects

What I love to do?

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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