360 Video Shooting – Part 3

‘VR is a machine but through this machine we become more compassionate, more empathetic, we become more connected. And ultimately, we become more human.’

Following from my last post I continue to explore the possibilities around the VR technology. Some of them include:

  • Spatial storytelling – the richest content, but still some limits of cinematography toolkit
  • Shared immersive experience
  • Extremities of experience

Few of the challenges:

  • Moving (dizziness)
  • Few of the established storytelling tools apply
  • Passive vs. interactive storytelling

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360 Video Shooting – Part 2

To become more familiar with ‘the art and tech’ of VR storytelling I explored some short 360 films online and watched couple of conferences where these were introduced to wider public. Some of the names working in this area I have been listening and learning from are Neil Smith, Matt Celia, Jordan Service and the most inspirational one, personally for me, Chris Milk.

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Research Practice Project – Topic Brainstorming

The Story


Inspiring, Motivating, Constructive

Problem-Solving orientation

About person, group of people or organization

Showing some kind of contribution

Something which can have impact on the society

The script – interesting way to show considering the technology

Different ways to gain attention – sound effects

What I love to do?

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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