Our group decided to include in our postdigital project five wooden manikins which were decorated individually according each member’s specific area. They were part of Media showcase 2 exhibit between 16th and 18th of May.

Below are few pictures of the Quantified Sisyphus who as his ancestor is pushing a rock in searching of meaning and purpose and in my representation the contemporary man is counting his steps, measuring self worth with numbers, believing that there is ‘right’ numbers, a norm which can design the perfect person and to develop a perfect life while in the same time the constant measuring is creating a standard, unification in which the subjectivity is lost, the ‘rare wisdom of your heart’ is suppressed. But blindly obeying our lives on 24/7 measuring thanks to modern technologies embedded in our everyday activities, constant trying to fix what can be measured… don’t we lose something in this process?

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