‘I wonder how many people I’ve looked at all my life and never seen.’

Paris. How can possibly international media experience in France contribute to my creative engagement with the film festival? – I was keep wondering during the trip. Big, multifaceted, colorful city of variety and tastes, luring one’s senses, rendering imagination into funny smell in the air. My models and maquettes and creative map, my materials and tools, all are left in Coventry, even my laptop is not with me – I kept struggling. But then the way the sun is shining in Paris, its music and its painters, the wind in women’s hairs and the smoke of that man’s tobacco pipe… one can inhale its aura almost tangible as a poet’s soul.

Referring back to the time I was developing creative strategy, I realise that head and hand cannot work separately; it was difficult to finish a concept without diving in the actual making, so similarly now – when I have already put my hands on – this does not mean to stop thinking and rethinking the original idea. And we all know that most of the time inspirations come in unexpected ways and forms. So Paris was time for contemplation. When I work on long time (more than two weeks) project I have this tendency to keep focusing too much to the point where I can no longer see the whole picture which is definitely a drawback. This trip literally provided me the distance (actual and metaphorical) my stuck creativity needed for levelling up. (Although, I did take pictures of all my decor models on my phone to bring with me on the trip.) Once I had dropped the worrying and my mind become clearer there was free space for new inspirations which, considering my experience till now, is far more productive than forced attempts of being ingenious.

All at all, the week in Paris was the breath of fresh air and I left fulfilled with improved vision and ideas and detailed plan for the upcoming spring leave of things I would like to try, other I want to create, ideas I wish to further develop and more directions to explore.

I feel like I’m being chased

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