Reviewing the finalising steps after the last tutorial has brought me to the moment now when I can share the complete look of each piece of my project. To begin with the booklet – once the design was approved the sheets were printed and I started to build them into books: resizing, cutting, folding each sheet and gluing them to one another. I also resized the encaustic cards I had already have and reshaped a hand painted silk scarf into several small samples. The next thing was to make the glass painting and the wood burned piece of art which took longer than expected. To complete the booklet I made a cover which was like a box and add small magnet to keep the close.

Here is how the final booklet looks like and this is what each visitor is going to take away with them after the event:


Another chapter closed – the ‘thing’ in the sculpture’s hands. I have finally decided what to put inside and I created a blue and silver wired dragonfly which is going to be inside a candle that will melt down and reveal it similarly to the process of making. And this is how the dragonfly looks:

After I had the dream about a stranger who after that I found out it is real person who my father used to know I wanted to make something which connects with my subconscious. When I was little I used to paint a lot of water – sea, island, palms, ships, water lilies and dragonflies. However, the dragonfly is symbol to a lot of thing, mainly transformation and it seemed to be to vague. After some research about other symbolism I found a story about a Mayan goddess Ix Chel – goddess of creative imagination, divide inspiration, also of femininity, passion and fertility. It appeared to me quite related to my project and the line of creativity-generativity-legacy. According to the legend Ix Chel is one of the few gods who died and then dragonflies surrounded her body and their songs revived her. The relation to my project become even bolder as I saw in this a connection to the idea of mortality and the fear of the second spiritual death.


The sculpture itself also benefited of some improvements. Now it has its base which has some of the tools used to make it. I also had spontaneous impulse to colour it, so now it look more ‘human’ than before. After my tutor’s recommendation I also made a clay ‘case’ for the tablet which is going to be inside the chest. With some lights up, the candle and the dragonfly in its hand, this is how the sculpture look now:


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  1. Loved it! Great job, I read your blog occassionally and you’re
    always coming up with some of the best articles. I shared this
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    Keep up the good work 🙂

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