Now when the sculpture are ready and the booklets are created and the video is made it is time to make my final piece of work publicly engaged. I am preparing for an event to which very few are going to be invited and that is because the handmade nature of my project – I would like every visitor to have something with them when the event it over and the handmade booklets are limited numbers.

The big question about the place now has an answer – it will be at my place, where I currently live and create all my handmade projects including this final master project. Although, it is not the most convenient place to showcase my work I agreed with my academic tutor that no other venue, gallery, etc. would bring the energy of here and now, my art’s aura better than the place it was created.

Once that was decided now I need to redecorate my room a bit and separate the space I usually use to create. I am planning to use sheets of some kind to isolate the rest of my bedroom and kitchen and probably will have some of the things I already made on display so this way they can contribute to the atmosphere. I am going to use my table to put the sculpture with the lighting and the video player and below it the handmade booklets will be placed.

Probably I am going to have one more space where I need to place my feedback box. During the experience the visitors will be asked to share their feelings and their thoughts would further enrich the project value. I also had created the invitation which I am sending away to my special guests.



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