The sculpture now is balanced and more I look at it more I think it expects me to figure out what should it hold in its hands. I was after something more generic so everyone would be able to recognise it and link it to the process of making; at the same time, I don’t want to make something too literal and I am not really convinced that it can be something which is going to be recognisable for everyone.

Recently I had a vague dream with a stranger (it is a common thing for me to dream about people I have never met and I always wonder how their images were created in my mind); why that dream was different is in the end of it my father met the same person and they knew each other, strangely enough when I woke up I had that feeling my father would know the person. I called him later today, warning him for possible awkward question and started to explain what I could remember – and it wasn’t much: I thought it was man, not very tall, with ginger or blonde curly hair and I was sure he has a moustache, another characteristic I mention was his specific voice which I am sure I couldn’t actually have heard in my dream. Because my home town is not very big my father knows almost everyone, at least he is familiar with their look so he remembered someone who matched my description but was man who left the town many years ago. Thanks to the power of the social media and my stalker skills I found Facebook profile and also sent the picture to my father. Guess what – that was the person! He was with shorter hair and gained weight but my dad said my description matches his younger ages.

What we both agreed on was that I probably had met him at very young age and remember him because of the specific voice. Anyway, I start to wonder about the place that memory comes from – what else is there; why I cannot access it in my wake mind; could I possibly store there something from my young age linked to my very first moments of crafting while playing.

I can tell my parents were quite busy so I used to entertain myself alone, usually drawing; later, at the kindergarten I have like memory snapshots of kids playing with dolls, cars and Lego and me sitting at a table drawing or modelling with colour play dough. I wish I could remember certain objects which I were representing and probably that would be something to embed in my sculpture.

Beside that interruption which made me look at it in new way, I have already started to build the booklet which is going to accompany the sculpture. A mock-up version of it was earlier shared with my academic tutor where my suggestion is to build something again handmade because to just order a casual one at a print shop wouldn’t go along with the project idea at all. The current goal is to finish it by the end of this month and share it for approval. Then it will be a matter of time to make few more so the invited visitors can have their copy and take it away.

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