Now when we have finished with our modules, the film festival is over as well as the postdigital exhibition during our media showcase, it is time to sit down and rethink everything about the project so far.

On another meeting with my academic tutor we discussed some of the issues I had in mind. There were some worries about the output of my project mainly around its public distribution. The initial idea was to create the sculpture, make the booklets and present it on a collaborative event, like a workshop, where people will be able not only to explore my work but also to create something by themselves.

However, during the preparation of the festival I met some restrictions and realise that most of the things I was imagining do not fit in the ‘safety’ regulation. Furthermore, I also saw people struggling with the setup of their exhibitions which made me think about that I might assume people would be fine with clay modeling, wood burning, etc. during a workshop and that is probably quite far away from the truth.

We agreed that I probably need to trim down the idea for the workshop and make an event at which I will show my sculpture and people who are invited are going to take away with them the handmade booklet, plus that they are going to be required to provide their feedback of how they experienced the project.

The advice I had received from my tutor about collaborative work was probably not the one I was expected, but I guess it was honest and realistic: ‘When you are working with people […] you’ve got to work for people with people and most of them are incompetent, don’t care and they are unhelpful. That is the biggest challenge.’ So the workshop is still an option, still might happen but on smaller scale, probably it can happen during the degree show where the visitors will be able to interact and do something in creative way.

Another discussed aspect was the shape, the form, and the size of the sculpture. The original idea was to make only head and hands which will be connected in some way; then I decided to make a whole thing with legs crossed like base and bust which will be like levitating and the two parts are going to be connected with the hands which are going to lay down on the base and carry the handmade thing.

Another change is that only the creation in the hands is going to be shaped inside wax like a candle which is going to melt down (representing the process of making). I also had worries about the open flame of the candle during an event so my idea included to film the process of melting and then show it on a digital photo frame; that was well accepted and supported by my tutor.

So for now it is about starting the actual work and get my hands on the sculpting. Meanwhile there still are a lot of question to consider like for example where to host an event, where and when to invite people and show them my work, how to collect their feedback.

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