The idea behind the booklet is to have something written which will give insights about the process of making of the sculpture (and not only the sculpture). I cannot imagine that booklet structured as academic piece of work like short dissertation or something, neither as personal journal of my daily/weekly tasks and accomplishments.

I’d rather imagined it like fragments, highlights which follow one after another, revealing my engagement more like the layers of a cabbage and not like linear story narrative. When I am writing usually I am trying to put my thought into complete sentences, but the truth is that most of the time I would just write a few words and dot, dot, dot.

There is something about the ellipsis (‘…’) sign, it is not like the rest and sometimes it can tell more than the actual words separated by it. Damyan Damyanov has short poem:


I love that symbol. Though unimportant,

Though vague… Torn apart… Just a little…

A man wanted to say something…

But… All of a sudden… Kept silent…

… Why – we don’t know… Broken thread

left behind. But he himself – where is he?

Three dots… Interrupted sigh…

The only memory… To someone… from him.


Although people sometimes overuse it, for me it is powerful form of communication. And that kind of fragmentation is falling together with my ‘incomplete’ kind of sculpting.  There are many understandings and descriptions behind the ellipsis.

What I found interesting is in ‘The Thirteen Tones of Creation’ where according to the Mayan Calendar the 13 tones are represented with dots and dashes. The third tone, called Electric, is symbolized by three dots and expresses ‘Rhythm, Movement, Flow, Change, Creativity, Sacred Trinity, and Activation…Third Point of Light – In 3 something entirely new can be created.’

It is fascinating to look at most things like jigsaw puzzles – fragments, parts, bits, here and there and in the process of making we are moving, shifting and adjusting until something whole is created, something which makes sense, which is processed through thoughts and feelings.

While I am creating the booklet, I also plan to film parts of the making and these parts would be visualized on the screen in the sculpture itself. And the three dots will be connected – the creator, the process, the meaning. Now, when I am kind of reasoning it, everything makes better sense even to me – what was subconscious experience now becomes consciously understood experience.

Sennett makes interesting split of the word ‘experience’ which in German could be ‘Erlebnis’ or ‘Erfahrung’ – ‘the first marks an event or relationship that makes an emotional inner impress, the second an event, action, or relationship that turns one outward and requires skill rather than sensitivity’ is how the author describes the words and concludes:

‘You need constantly the inner monitor of Erlebnis, of ‘how it [the experience] feels.’

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