About being an old school nowadays when everything is being uploaded on the ‘cloud’ … Well, it happened to be my spontaneous, ‘knee-jerk’ reaction.

Recently, I applied for a volunteer position as photography assistant.Few days after filling the application form I received an invitation for interview. In the email the organizers were asking for portfolio of the work I am most proud of. The first thing I imagined instantly was folder with photographs… of course.

So I choose some of my favourite photo stories and

  • ordered prints;
  • bought black cardboard;
  • found transparent pockets;
  • purchased display book;
  • and got to work.

Additionally, in building photography portfolio it is good to have in hand scissors, line, double-sided tape and I also found it helpful to create a template (save time in measuring each sheet).

A couple ours later my portfolio was ready to take the journey:


Interesting Fact: it was group interview with five people (including me) and everyone else present digital portfolio, either on memory stick or online. Fortunately, my old-school print photos were appreciated and I guess they evoke some sentimental feelings.

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