Doing what you love not always means that it is enjoyable all the time.

But it means commitment. When I applied to work as freelance photographer for Culturae Mundi, I was really excited about this opportunity and experience but, of course, my postgraduate programme is priority. This Symposium took place on Friday, 27th January from 9.30 am until 5 pm – all day long after my course’s Media Showcase on 26th. However, as I already mention, it is also commitment therefore I took the initiative and participated in the event no matter how exhausted I was. Although I was sceptical that it will be enjoyable experience, it happened to raise interesting questions about cultural expectations, differences and similarities in teaching and learning.

All at all I am glad to evaluate the positive impact, to learn something new or just to look at things from different perspective and in the same time to enrich my media experience and photography portfolio taking the opportunity to participate in different events.

Here are some of the event’s pictures:

Researching China Symposium

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