The project I have been working on since the end of January 2017 as volunteer photographer collaboratively with Disruptive Media Learning Lab and The Belgrade theatre was presented at The Albany theatre on 10th of June 2017. The work of MA CCM and Media Production students was shown during an creative photo exhibition and documentary screenings and received great feedback from guest and participants.

The main themes which guided me during capturing Arts Gymnasium workshops’ atmosphere was playfulness and togetherness. That is why the dominant frame of most photos includes more than one person, I tried to show the connection, the trust, the friendship which are being build. Another specific I am pursuing in this selection is the motion, the movement, the so called action pictures where one can see something happening, express by hand gestures, body position, even face expressions. I hope that the pictures I took successfully represent these themes. I believe what my work shows is the connection, the trust, the friendship which are being built.

Playing. Together.

The Arts Gymnasium, June 2017

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