Careers in media to consider; different options for career opportunity. Finding job is about us, what we individually have within us, what is unique about us and what are our talents.

When we find ourselves, we create our brand and we have to market it. Value, professionalism.

Claire Simmons


Understanding your value…

What are our options?

  • Working for an organization, regardless of the subject area
  • Media outlet, non-governmental organization (e.g. charity), non-media company (but in a media-related role)
  • Working for yourself

Media is journalism, photography, fiction, films, anime, graphics, billboards, websites of charity organization, behind the website, coordination… the main thing is that we are communicators (in speaking, reading, listening). If we can communicate, we can do anything. The communication skills are transferable.

It is not difficult to find what you want to do; it is difficult to know what you want.

It is important to communicate yourself; it is important to think critically, to be able to reflect. Some young people find the company they want to work for, find a niche about it, put together their cv around this and make sure to be employed. 60% of the media positions are not advertised.

Why brand yourself? Get a job; keep a job and/or advance in your career. (tv production – P.A.C.T.)

Who are you? If you do not brand yourself, someone else will. Take ownership of your brand.


CV – Resume – ‘me plc’

Short and nice; do not forget the contact details; spell and present it in the best way; make it accurate and true; hit the spot. The cv gets you the interview, the brand you create gets you the job. Skills, qualities, values – we all have them, it is not only what we have done but also who we are, what is our brand.

Create a plan… the six W’s:

  • Who are you?
  • What do you want to do?
  • Where would you like to be located?
  • Which companies do you want to workfor?
  • Why would you want to work for them?
  • What is your eventual aspiration?


Do your research… plan your time efficiently… don’t ‘spam’, target!

Careers for Communicators. What careers can be considered? Communication: advertising, public relations, journalism, international relations, social and human services, business. Research the companies who do what we want to do; think what can we offer to this company; send them two paragraphs of text plus contacts,link to what you can do and let them consider you in future.

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