Problems and ideal(ism)s

Problem and ideals proliferate through the whole of the module. When we think about loving the machine, what problems and ideals can occur? Loving the machine is like imagine the perfect relationship, but it is not really embracing ourselves and our relationships. We can reach a lot of people, but then do we really get to know the person we are trying to connect to.

Is Social media a fad? Levy’s commitment to the positive – we need to think about it in utopian ways; it is not only questioning and criticizing, but alto to think how to expand the potential. By sharing our ideas in real time, there are possible utopias. Collective Intelligence – the benefit of individuals; no one knows everything, but everyone knows something. It is about provoking talks, to share to each other. What we learn from each other is not only exchanging ideas, it is creating new knowledge, seeing new possibilities. How our resources can expand?

An alternative form of power – activism, for example. The idea of passive consumers. We need to think about our interaction as a psychic process; this way we form new communities. Individual achievement versus collective process. What we can learn from each other is vastly greater. In post-human terms, it is not privileging the self in liberal terms, it is different – our interactions are based on others: humans, animals, machines, environment…

Imagine the collective intelligence. When we think about it, what stands in our way? How we can operate beyond the course. If we want to be brilliant individuals, what about being great collective? When we are fan of something, we are sharing about it, we are arguing passionately and we want to talk about these ideas. Sharing these ideas, communicate them, we start to ask questions and look for answers.

The technology is really, really new to us and we do not know how to use it at its potential. What about the inequalities which come with the accessibility to the technologies? Open access (such Locate for example) is luxury, is privilege. Knowledge should not be hierarchic. The potential to share not only articles and books, but also courses. The problem of “intellectual property” – the financial part of it; the context which can change; the ethical side of it.

How our collective intelligent is challenged? The choices we make; we are acting but in wrong ways and end up with collective stupidity.

We have the software… Change starts here.

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