What is digital? Are we experiencing new things or are we experience the same old things in a new way.

‘The medium is the message’ – Marshall McLuhan

The medium is understand as/ or more/ important as the content of the message, because the way we perceive certain information influences the way we are making sense of it.

When talking about digital as medium, there can be found both positive and negative ways of influence and it is important to be able to perceive the whole picture without resisting or supporting only the one side of the topic. For example, researching virtual reality storytelling I found filmmakers and practitioners who believe that the sense of presence in virtual reality is essential and filming in 360° could trigger more empathy in the audience. On the other side, when I thing about the aura as Walter Benjamin describes it – the magic of here and now, it is difficult to be experienced in the digital realm where we are reproducing the physical and looking for the same feeling. Finding what is magical, capturing it and preserving it.

The digital is fascinating but not that fascinating in the same time… what we are losing in the middle?

We have to find the magic in the digital and non-digital in the same time. Digital changes our values system.

What is digital and what is stands for? Working through digital, adjust it, understand it differently and understand what we can do differently.

The new aesthetic – digital culture in non-digital world; how we see the digital things (like emoticons) in the physical world (like emoticons cushions, earing, t-shirts, etc.) This new response is something about resisting the idea of transcendence of the digital. The new aesthetic is questioning the experience in the digital world and tries to critique evaluate it.

How can see the digital differently, in the non-digital?

The post digital can operate through the digital, can operate through the non-digital or it can be a hybrid of both.

What matters is how we engage with it. Kind of disrupting what the digital is, what it can mean, what it can do, kind of disrupting in what way we are engaging with it.

Digital – Non-digital – Hybrid

It is not easy to escape from the duality in a world where most (if not everything) of our understanding is shaped using binary oppositions. We describe that something is dark, pointing the lack of lighting and it is not very different when we try to describe the digital and non-digital. However, the fascinating existence of hybrids is about accepting the mutual interpenetration, two sides of the same coin and that one cannot exist without the other. Postdigital hybrid to some sense could be understand as ‘mind’ and ‘body’ linked together in human.


Weekly contribution:

  • Each week we are contributing to our study archive.
  • Embracing the post-digital, material and immaterial into physical contribution that we bring to the class.
  • Do reading, respond to the reading and take A4 paper and think about it in critique way; bring it to the class and be ready to discuss it.
  • Take a photograph and include it in the study archive



‘Network exist for a reason. They spread ideas; they spread knowledge; they spread influence.’ (Barabasi 2011: 12)

Do we think that networked society is providing democracy? Of the people by the people for the people.


CCC Creative critical contribution A4 -> Read the introduction to ‘Alone Together’ and the article ‘Desir at Play’ (consider the different portrayals of connection in the digital world that they convey)

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