EWFF: Ideas Mean Nothing Without Action

‘Ideas have a short shelf life. You must act on them before the expiration date.’

Last week before our international media experience and then study leave; time starts to run faster and what seems like distant oasis in the beginning of this semester now is approaching bringing nervousness and excitement in the same time. After creating the sample models last week what I needed next was blueprint of the place; so I spent an afternoon around Square one and The hub taking pictures, filming short clips, counting trees, pillars, windows, etc. and creating my creative map of the place. This A3 piece of paper did a great job first helping me to visualize the ideas I have and secondly to explain myself properly. As I previously mentioned – head and hand are supposed to work together, and when the strategy plan was not able anymore to fit our needs as a written document it was transformed and adjust to serve accordingly.

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EWFF: Transforming Dissatisfaction into Productive Impulse

‘Give full attention and devotion to each act.’

Thinking of how I approached and undertaken my tasks in the previous week I understood that my work is being compromised… mainly by myself. I become tired of participating in things I look at the result and think: ‘It can be done way better!’ What I would like is to be satisfied with the quality of the work I can provide in achieving my tasks. Clear example is my involvement in the short video we filmed for the magazine show – the one representing famous film scene intentionally looking like cheap production. However, the dissatisfaction was transform in productive impulse to design decor models. My self-assignment for this week also included ideas and experiments with the public award statuette.

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EWFF: A Lesson in Self-management

‘There is no supervision at all, and the army just stews in its own juice.’

It would not be a lie to say that the fastest road to teach someone a lesson how to effectively self-manage and collaborate with others is actually to leave them learn it by themselves. Our tutors’ absence during the week following self-development week was challenge for me, my team and probably for everyone else. The coordination and communication were total madness in pure form and probably this was the most intensive time so far when most teams’ members started to realise it is up to everyone to do their job, to be responsible and reliable. To use the machine metaphor again – one or two wheels cannot drive it all, every single part should be involved in the process so the mechanism will run.

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CCC 5: An Alternative Experiment

My last Creative Critical Contribution is String art inside book covers, inspired by ‘The political nature of the book: on artists’ books and radical open access’, Adema, J. and Hall, G. It is metaphor of the viewers’ contribution er (in art, in reading books, in watching film) or how the user is changing the meaning in terms of adding their own feeling, understanding, affect, etc.

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EWFF Creative Vision and Approach

Continuing the work on the strategy plan, it was essential to share the creative vision with the rest of the departments. The presentation below was prepared to visualise the strategy plan (find it here) and was present during our self-development week.

EWFF Creative Approach

EAST WINDS FILM FESTIVAL CREATIVE APPROACH Soap films can be used to realize a minimal surface according to boundary constraints. Our Creative Strategy plan is developed to serve as guidance, it aims to create clear vision and feeling – line which will be followed in the process of cooperation between all teams. THIS IS HOW WE SEE IT WHAT WE MEAN BY MINIMALISM?

CCC 4: Digital ‘Bubble’ of Interpassivity

‘Communicative Capitalism’ by Jodi Dean created in my mind a discussion with Levy’s ‘Collective Intelligence’ because both works concentrate on specific extreme linked to technologies, their use and impact, how we change because and through the virtual in our life. However, personally for me, communicative capitalism is exploring problematic areas which I also notice in the majority of digitally involved people around me.

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EWFF: The New Mechanism

‘Change is the only constant.’

Being professionally involved in organising such major event as actual film festival can be compared to the process of building a machine which has to work properly – you need all the right parts and you also need to correctly combine them in order to achieve the best results for everyone. However, the uniqueness here is that we (everyone on this module) are the parts for the machine and we are the builders as well. In order to fix and refine the working process an essential turning point marked the beginning of March.

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