From the person behind the camera – Arts Gymnasium

The project I have been working on since the end of January 2017 as volunteer photographer collaboratively with Disruptive Media Learning Lab and The Belgrade theatre was presented at The Albany theatre on 10th of June 2017. The work of MA CCM and Media Production students was shown during an creative photo exhibition and documentary screenings and received great feedback from guest and participants.

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From the person behind the camera – P A R I S

Paris, the way I saw it during our international media experience week in the beginning of April. Sometimes I see more colours than there actually are, sometimes I barely can see the outlines… usually contradictions create the balance… it might look a bit chaotic and this is also part of the experience… Enjoy!

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From the person behind the camera – Desi Beauty: Henna, Rangoli, Jewellery

Working as a freelance photographer for Culturae Mundi is one of the most exciting experience for me since I started my Master program in Communication, Culture and Media at Coventry University.

Below you can see and enjoy some of the pictures I took at their ‘Beauty Brush Series’ event, including henna tattoos, rangoli art, make up, handmade jewellery and many students from different cultures and nationalities, taking part in ‘experience the colour in all things’.

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From the person behind the camera – African Beauty Workshop

New place… New people… New events… New camera…

This is my first event in Coventry which I document as a Photographer.

It is African Beauty workshop, organised by Culturae Mundi and it is part of the Black History Month.

I hope you enjoy the photos and maybe you will be able to feel the friendly lovely international multicultural atmosphere of the event.

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