WEEK 9 – Transnational Subjectivity

Resistance and Revolution

History of Modern Protest – how protest has developed through our history; the ‘dada’ movement – the absurdity of our pointless world. May `68, France. Protest become fluid, complex – for example ‘Anonymous’, when we do not know what are the aims anymore.

‘Resistance is the hallmark of the political subject.’ (Samad dar, 2010, p.133)

The idea that society is in constant movement, things are always shifting and changing, the detorrialisation and retorrialisation.

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WEEK 9 – Screen Culture and Selves

The theories of real, in terms of what is real world, are used all over the world to help understanding people, understanding their minds and also understanding people who are broken in some way. We are discussing them because these ideas have been used to form media studies – it is just interconnecting network of signifiers. Mass media relies completely on signifies everyone understanding them. The signified has to be the same in order for people to make sense, to make meaning.

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WEEK 8 – Exploring Digital Culture

Distributed Agency

What is freedom? What are you ‘free’ to do?

Speak, vote, the opportunity to make choices without external influence. It links the agency. The ability to exercise control, intentionality, forethought, self-regulation and self-reflection. To be an agent is to intentionally make things happen by one’s actions (Bandura)

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WEEK 8 – Transnational Subjectivity

Occupy your mind

Activism – what we can do about the things that concern us.
Anonymous are group, which are trying to protect personal data. Main claim is that anybody may be member of them, they are dynamic – ‘We are coming’, ‘Expect us’
They are part of bigger group – Alter-Globalization (it is not anti-globalism; it is try to create alternatively); another world is possible.

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WEEK 6 – Transnational Subjectivity

Workshop about the Essay Film


Good essay film – the story is much in the voice, it has really strong argument. Everything is very carefully planned around the argument.


Argument for our essay film:

Our group argument is to create an essay film about the cultural appropriation in the framework of ‘eating the other’.

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