Bibliography – the Sources of Information and Inspiration

The research part of my practical project includes various information sources – books, articles, documentaries, artist vlogs, conference speeches, online courses… Some more valuable than other, however each had some kind of direct or indirect influence on myself, the process of learning and the process of making. Below is a reference list which I believe I will come back to in future as well.

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Fragments and Ellipsis: The Creator. The Process. The Meaning.

The idea behind the booklet is to have something written which will give insights about the process of making of the sculpture (and not only the sculpture). I cannot imagine that booklet structured as academic piece of work like short dissertation or something, neither as personal journal of my daily/weekly tasks and accomplishments.

I’d rather imagined it like fragments, highlights which follow one after another, revealing my engagement more like the layers of a cabbage and not like linear story narrative. When I am writing usually I am trying to put my thought into complete sentences, but the truth is that most of the time I would just write a few words and dot, dot, dot.

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Looking for Answers at Subconscious Level when Stuck

The sculpture now is balanced and more I look at it more I think it expects me to figure out what should it hold in its hands. I was after something more generic so everyone would be able to recognise it and link it to the process of making; at the same time, I don’t want to make something too literal and I am not really convinced that it can be something which is going to be recognisable for everyone.

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The 5 Pillars of Good Craftsmanship – Reflection

That’s it… for now!

I am partly done and I am going to stop working on my creation for a while.

I know it is not the best time to do so and I am also aware of my enthusiasm to finish it in less than a month. As often happens things shift and I should act upon real events instead of blindly following my idea and plan.

Reality must be affected and reflected upon accordingly, right?!

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A Word for Obsessional Energy and Balance

The most difficult part of building my sculpture was to balance it. I decided to make it of two parts – a base (the legs) and head and chest with hands which connect them with the legs. However, while making the wire armature and then applying the clay I wasn’t really able to figure out how much material and how to position it in order to make it stay by itself.

I thought that it is going to be enough just to stick the two parts with some extra clay. Is there a hidden meaning behind that? Probably. I don’t know. If I have to speak about myself I wouldn’t say I am balanced person, just the opposite – I am doubtful, my moods change with the speed of a flashlight, my life views could seem controversial and it is perfectly normal for me to be in a conflict with myself (actually only then I feel that I am accurately expressing what I think and feel).

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