EWFF: Study Leave Inspirations

‘The best preparation for good work tomorrow is to do good work today.’

To some travelling to home for the spring leave might sound like many days off but I am of those kind of people who keep themselves busy even on holidays (actually time for relaxation is being scheduled as every other task). Paris gave me different perspective to think and also time and distance to develop plan for my visiting back home which happened to be quite gratifying and the small achievements were more than expected. The advantage which place like home comes with is security, in my case – the freedom to try, to experiment and eventually find the weak spots, therefore find a solution and improve them.

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To Feel with a Seeing Hand

The sense of touch… even though human beings’ most dominant sense is vision thanks to which we gather around 80% of the information, the sense of touch has deeper engagement with the world around us and most of us will say they would rather believe if they can touch and not only see something.

When exploring the craftsmanship our sense of touch is linked to ‘magical properties’ in the Middle Ages; Christians believe that obsession with material gets the person closer to timeless inner life; the craftsman is also a symbol for enlightenment as he is learning by doing and showing rather than telling. The skills developed in the process of making are difficult for explicit explanation. The unspoken knowledge, also called tacit knowledge, lies on the border line between everyday conscious little movements and routines and unconscious guidance how material should be treated.

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Falling Short of Perfection

The better your technique, the more impossible your standards.

The craftsperson biggest enemy is perfectionism. Every creation exists in two dimensions – in the imaginary idea realm and in the material result and more often than a non-crafty person would suspect these two have mismatches. Each imperfection is experienced as failure. On the other side if one continues to alter its creation it will never be finished.

For practitioner, the ‘obsession with perfection is prescription for a failure.’

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From the person behind the camera – P A R I S

Paris, the way I saw it during our international media experience week in the beginning of April. Sometimes I see more colours than there actually are, sometimes I barely can see the outlines… usually contradictions create the balance… it might look a bit chaotic and this is also part of the experience… Enjoy!

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‘When the Head and the Hand are Separate’

Not long ago I visited friends of mine and while discussing what we can do in the middle of their living room was suggested to draw something together. Intrigue suggestion for spending the afternoon, one I should appreciate as someone who use to draw and still sketches from time to time. What surprised me however, was the surface – a laptop. I have already said that my handmade work is nothing like I am a technology rebel; nor I am blind for the progress in the digital art. But drawing on a screen was so not natural as experience. According to Sennet, ‘the craftsman became an emblem of human individuality… Culturally we are still struggling to understand our limits positively, in comparison to the mechanical; socially we are still struggling with anti-technologism.’

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EWFF: How did Paris Enhance my Work Process

‘I wonder how many people I’ve looked at all my life and never seen.’

Paris. How can possibly international media experience in France contribute to my creative engagement with the film festival? – I was keep wondering during the trip. Big, multifaceted, colorful city of variety and tastes, luring one’s senses, rendering imagination into funny smell in the air. My models and maquettes and creative map, my materials and tools, all are left in Coventry, even my laptop is not with me – I kept struggling. But then the way the sun is shining in Paris, its music and its painters, the wind in women’s hairs and the smoke of that man’s tobacco pipe… one can inhale its aura almost tangible as a poet’s soul.

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‘Homo Faber’ or Man as Maker

It is already April and it brings a lot of travelling along – the first week is dedicated to our international media experience in Paris followed by our study leave which I am going to spend back home. I have already planned many things to try and make for the upcoming film festival. What is great about it is that my creative involvement is an experience I can reflect to and consider different possibilities and problems which might occur for my final project. Meanwhile, as good travel company I’ve got The Craftsman by Richard Sennet, a book which aims to explore ‘basic human impulse: the desire to do a job well for its own sake.’

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The Networked Society – Data collection

For our international media experience in Paris between 3rd and 7th of April I got in touch with a LEMA (literature, editing, media and audiovisual) student in the Sorbonne for collaboration. After explanation of my group’s topic about quantification and biosensors and in particular my area of interest – the affect such contemporary technologies can create in the users, she agreed to participate. Knowing that the students in Paris are gone for their spring leave, I developed an questionnaire which was distributed among the students online.

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