EWFF: Ideas Mean Nothing Without Action

‘Ideas have a short shelf life. You must act on them before the expiration date.’

Last week before our international media experience and then study leave; time starts to run faster and what seems like distant oasis in the beginning of this semester now is approaching bringing nervousness and excitement in the same time. After creating the sample models last week what I needed next was blueprint of the place; so I spent an afternoon around Square one and The hub taking pictures, filming short clips, counting trees, pillars, windows, etc. and creating my creative map of the place. This A3 piece of paper did a great job first helping me to visualize the ideas I have and secondly to explain myself properly. As I previously mentioned – head and hand are supposed to work together, and when the strategy plan was not able anymore to fit our needs as a written document it was transformed and adjust to serve accordingly.

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Sculpture Ideas

Sometimes it is truth to be said that ideas come out of nothing, although most of the time we are consciously trying to come up with one. In my case it was some kind of combination between these two – I had good thought about what I would like to create in general; however, the detailed picture had strike me one evening. That is another aspect I found quite peculiar – that all creative thinking happens late, in the small hours of the day; it is a cliché and for me does not make sense because the mind gets tired during the day dealing with different people and situations, the last thing to think about before going to bed is creative ideas. So, below are few bullet points of the sculpture idea so far.

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EWFF: Transforming Dissatisfaction into Productive Impulse

‘Give full attention and devotion to each act.’

Thinking of how I approached and undertaken my tasks in the previous week I understood that my work is being compromised… mainly by myself. I become tired of participating in things I look at the result and think: ‘It can be done way better!’ What I would like is to be satisfied with the quality of the work I can provide in achieving my tasks. Clear example is my involvement in the short video we filmed for the magazine show – the one representing famous film scene intentionally looking like cheap production. However, the dissatisfaction was transform in productive impulse to design decor models. My self-assignment for this week also included ideas and experiments with the public award statuette.

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Is the Crafter an Artist?

There is an old discussion about the chicken and the egg which personally I find less complex than another as much old dispute about the art and craft. In the attempt to differentiate these two interconnected and overlapping areas some dedicated their lives. And it still feels like there is no right answer. I was thrilled to find Gombrich’s concept stating that ‘there is no such thing as Art. There are only artists’. In his most famous work ‘The story of Art’ he suggests that the modern notion of Art, with a capital A, has no existence and it is just a word which might refer to different things and practices in different times and places. He believes in people, not historical periods or styles. And even though, according Gombrich, one cannot simply tell an artist that their painting is good in its own way, but it is not ‘Art’, we are still using ‘piece of art’ to separate one object of another.

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EWFF: A Lesson in Self-management

‘There is no supervision at all, and the army just stews in its own juice.’

It would not be a lie to say that the fastest road to teach someone a lesson how to effectively self-manage and collaborate with others is actually to leave them learn it by themselves. Our tutors’ absence during the week following self-development week was challenge for me, my team and probably for everyone else. The coordination and communication were total madness in pure form and probably this was the most intensive time so far when most teams’ members started to realise it is up to everyone to do their job, to be responsible and reliable. To use the machine metaphor again – one or two wheels cannot drive it all, every single part should be involved in the process so the mechanism will run.

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Experiments in Post-Digital Publishing

Postdigital is not oppositional to digital. Florian Cramer – taking your typewriter to the park is like doing something against the mainstream and popular. Print and publishing – what is the future of the book? Is it going to die – the binary between the digital and non-digital. There is conversation between the two oppositions, but the true is there is not linearity, it is an overlapping process.

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CCC 5: An Alternative Experiment

My last Creative Critical Contribution is String art inside book covers, inspired by ‘The political nature of the book: on artists’ books and radical open access’, Adema, J. and Hall, G. It is metaphor of the viewers’ contribution er (in art, in reading books, in watching film) or how the user is changing the meaning in terms of adding their own feeling, understanding, affect, etc.

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The Process of Making: Yes, it Matters

‘There are people who say they would like to see the last of craftsmanship because, as they conceive of it, it is essentially backward-looking and opposed to the new technology which the world must now depend on. For these people craftsmanship is at best an affair of hobbies in garden sheds; just as for them art is an affair of things in galleries. There are many people who see craftsmanship as the source of a valuable ingredient of civilisation. There are also people who tend to believe that craftsmanship has a deep spiritual value of a somewhat mystical kind.’ David Pye, The Nature and Art of Workmanship

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