Research Practice Portfolio – Proposal

  • Format/outputs:

The format is currently subject to clarification. At this point it shapes as art installation combined with interactive spectacle/ workshop (a kind of between exhibition and theatrical performance) which will engage the audience in participating instead of just showing. Part of the event might be filming it and producing short film as documentation.

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PR Stunt Idea

On meeting of representatives from each division was form a plan for the marketing event, which modifies and combines some ideas developed during our last class.

The group agreed about time and place, as well as that we want to structure the event with clear intro, main part with culmination and epilogue.

Our idea is aiming for successful promotion, exciting activity and participants who are having fun.

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CCC 3: Biosensors in my Pocket

The introduction to ‘Quantified’ by Dawn Nafus provoke many thoughts and ideas in my head, mainly around the technologies and the clear improvement on our lives, but also how we change, adapt, evolve and become in different people according to the level of technologies involved in our everyday life. So much possibilities, clicks away… notions of limitless potential, developed and extended with and through our phones, watched, wristbands, etc.

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WEEK 4 – The Networked Society

History and background. Sensing the body, sensing the environment, but also the social media, financial sphere. Nothing is new. Quantification can be tracked down to the Renaissance. Normal distributions of dice as away tame a chaotic world. Western understanding of probabilities a non-binary way of conceptualizing the future. Rationalizing how is something going to happen.

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Ethical Research

Being ethical in the practice as practitioner, as well as researcher. Is it ethical to being a researcher, not showing emotional response, not being empathetic? Being ethical to who?

  • Procedural ethics – ethical implicational of the project.
  • Personal ethics – how are positions in the world shape ethical practices we take.
  • Emotional ethics – the emotional drain of the researcher.

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Behind The Scenes /Research/ – Proposal

BTS is about capturing fascinating people and get rare glimpse into the creation process. The creator’s job is to give audience a deeper understanding and appreciation for the project. The aim of BTS is to bring out everything entertaining about production.

It is always interesting to hear the story behind the story; the inspiration and motivation before the actual creation. The target audience is essential for defining the stylistic choices.

Honesty and authenticity are the keys. It is about those ‘special feathers’: storyboards, diagrams, dialogues, fun facts, timelapse videos, jokes, stress levels, ups and downs – all the unscripted madness that audience cherish.

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WEEK 3 – The Networked Society

Problems and ideal(ism)s

Problem and ideals proliferate through the whole of the module. When we think about loving the machine, what problems and ideals can occur? Loving the machine is like imagine the perfect relationship, but it is not really embracing ourselves and our relationships. We can reach a lot of people, but then do we really get to know the person we are trying to connect to.

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The Ethics of Documentary Filmmaking

Reality shows – this is not a documentary. Cinéma vérité – ‘film truth’, also known as ‘Direct Cinema’? When you film someone and make them act in certain way, do certain things – it is fake, it is not real in construction. The way we film ‘reality’, the way we film it again and again, edit it and put it together – it is not real.

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