CCM Media Showcase 1/ 26th January

26th January – our first Media Showcase took place in The Tank Studio. Central to it were the exploration of media and culture which include different communication techniques as our Transnational Subjectivity essay films and Exploring Digital Culture academic conferences and subjective experience in World of Warcraft.

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Eating the Other – Essay Film

The essay film, for me, is one of this challenges which trigger interest and fear in the same time. Because it freely uses different approaches, combines video, music, voice… it is difficult to master the genre and create meaningful piece of work without losing the concept in the open fragmented structure. There is freedom to experiment, but this have to be premeditated, each decision carefully considered because the smallest detail mistaken could ruin the whole film. 

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360 Video Shooting – Part 3

‘VR is a machine but through this machine we become more compassionate, more empathetic, we become more connected. And ultimately, we become more human.’

Following from my last post I continue to explore the possibilities around the VR technology. Some of them include:

  • Spatial storytelling – the richest content, but still some limits of cinematography toolkit
  • Shared immersive experience
  • Extremities of experience

Few of the challenges:

  • Moving (dizziness)
  • Few of the established storytelling tools apply
  • Passive vs. interactive storytelling

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360º Book: How I Designed and Built it

If you are part of Master programme, you probably know that Study leaves are just another opportunity to catch up with some additional research. I was reading some articles and browsing videos about Virtual Reality storytelling, particularly the 360º filming when I found this original 360º book idea which inspired me to create one. Because everyone who saw it seemed to like it a lot, I decided to post short and easy tutorial of the creating process.

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360 Video Shooting – Part 2

To become more familiar with ‘the art and tech’ of VR storytelling I explored some short 360 films online and watched couple of conferences where these were introduced to wider public. Some of the names working in this area I have been listening and learning from are Neil Smith, Matt Celia, Jordan Service and the most inspirational one, personally for me, Chris Milk.

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